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What is V12 Living?


Life has a tendency to happen and even "smack" us around a bit!  We are nearly two-thirds through the "new year" of 2018!!!  Perhaps it time to take inventory on all the areas of life and check their pulse!  If after you get your "reading" and it's not where you want/need it to be, then It just might be time to be intentional about YOUR life and take powerful action! 

We have some exiting offerings for you to participate in the V12 Living Program - double-click on the emblem above to see and evaluate the opportunity that best suits your schedule and budget.

V12 Life Areas Exploration

4-Day Immersive Retreat


We spend 4 days in an inspiring location reviewing your 12 Life Areas and develop powerful insights and strategies for improving your life.  This powerful reflective retreat will accommodate only 12 people and is intended to be intimate in dialogue and purpose.

5 Month Exploration


As an alternative to the 4-day immersive retreat, we will meet one Saturday a month for 5 months.  It is the exact same program (goals and outcomes) as the  4-day retreat.    It's just that many clients have expressed that it's not easy putting four days in row with their busy schedules.  As such, we meet one Saturday each month from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.  

Six Life Areas


This program is for those that want to work on some specific life areas and is mostly in conjunction with our on-going coaching clientele.  There are three (3) Core Life Area workshops, Emotional Fitness, Happiness, and Purpose and Passion.   After completion, our clients can choose three (3) additional Life Areas of interest.  We meet twice a month during the week (one Tuesday and one Thursday evening from 6:00PM to 9:00 PM) for 2 months. 


One Life Area At A Time

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"You don't have to have it all together to 

  begin - but you do have to begin in 

  order to get it together."  

                                ~ Marek and Darlene ~