Glenn Grant ~ Author, Speaker, Producer

Marek was an amazing life coach to work with. He took the time and made the effort to meet our needs any time we needed it. I liked working with him so much that I hired him to help with my team at work as well. Very versatile and knowledgeable coach and individual. He is kind, resourceful, and good at what he does. I highly recommend him.

Sumita B.  -  Ziba Beauty

"Do you  need a coach whose style can help you invest in relationships that will  pay lifelong dividends?  Marek is that coach, and I feel privileged and  blessed to have had Marek as my coach.  He also took the extra effort  to listen and really get to know me.  His EQ intuition is rare and, at  the same time, provides practical tools to build and strengthen  relationships.  He helped me consider different perspectives, create  relevant action plans, and kept me accountable. Marek encourages.  He  motivates.  He inspires.  Because of how much of an impact Marek made in  my life, I am forever grateful."      

Stephanie L. - Resource Management Services, Southern California Edison

"Darlene is the definition of an excellent coach! She inspired me to explore my own potential and then motivated me to aspire and expand to my highest level of excellence.  She was personable and patient as she coached me on my patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions. She also helped me understand my default temperament or auto-pilot personality preferences. With these understandings I discovered and learned how to coach myself (self-directing & self-correcting) in all aspects of my leadership roles as Executive Director of Crews Home for Girls, Inc. Her coaching has allowed me to be present with my thoughts and feelings, which has led to improved results in all areas of my life! Lastly, Darlene’s approach is from a deep place that honors both the humanness and the spiritual part of our journey – this was very important to me as they are both inter-twined . I look to her as a very special woman and coach! I fully appreciate her and endorse her!"

Diana Crews, MA (Crews Home for Girls Co-Founder)

Marek is an excellent leader that is able to engage employees at all levels. To the executive, he is the coach who can get away with asking the tough questions. To the front line staff, his honest and gregarious approach leads to self reflection.  Marek truly understands organizational behavior, culture, people, and value systems. I highly recommend Marek as a consultant, trainer, coach, and business leader.

Michael Bartell - Director of Service Lines at Clovis Community Medical Center

What Marek brought to my coaching agreement was Availability, Openness, Value, and Encouragement.  Let me expand: Availability, he was flexible with his time and with his coaching approach.  By Openness  I mean he could navigate between a structured approach and a  free-flowing approach, molding to the immediate need.  Additionally, he  appropriately brought forward a Spiritual perspective, which provided me  with a solid and familiar platform.  Of solid Valuewas  his ability to bring forward stories that linked his experience with my  current environment.  His ability to ‘paint alternatives’ to my  situational dynamics and perspective was extremely valuable.  Lastly, I  was provided a strong platform to take action, his Encouragementprovided me a confidence or freedom to move forward.    This was a time of awareness and perspective building leading to new choices – I recommend Marek if you are looking for personal growth as a leader, as a person! 

Ed D. - Manager Information Technology Business &Delivery Controls, Southern California Edison

So many Trainers and Consultants offer a lot, but deliver very little. Marek delivers all that he offers. Whether it is either training a room of participants about Emotional Intelligence or taking top leaders to the next level through one-on-one coaching, Marek is of the highest caliber! Integrity, Humility, First-Class. I wouldn't just recommend Marek I would trust him as part of my training team with any of my clients. As Marek has said it's a choice, and I would choose him today.

Pete Hinojosa - Sales and Leadership Development at Insperity

Excellent Instructor. We secured Marek for training Leadership principles to both managers and journey-level staff within the utility business—in excess of 600 employees over a three-year period. Marek is very knowledgeable and passionate about Situational Leadership, emotional intelligence, and the D-I-S-C personality model. His instruction has helped to develop succession planned leaders within our organization.

David Roose - Chief of Utility Operations Dept. of Water Resources, CA

"Marek  exceeds my expectations as an executive coach. He works to understand  an individual as a person as well as a professional, and customizes his  coaching & teaching through a variety of activities including self  assessments, real life learnings, and action planning. His perspective  and talent for probing with the right questions has proved invaluable in  developing areas such as leadership presence and organizational skills  in a transforming business environment.  Best of all, he reinforces his  teachings to ensure understanding which has delivered demonstrated  results in performance."  

Syd Nagoshi - Principal Manager - Business Technology & Planning, Southern California Edison

I believe it is in ones best interest to engage a coach.  Hiring Purpose Centered was a wise decision I made both personally and business.   Marek and Darlene work with our team and advise us in court settings and clients emotional states while going through difficult issues in their lives.  

GWK - Owner - Law Offices 

"In  my entire life, I have met hundreds upon hundreds of people, very few  of these people have impacted me like Marek and Darlene have. If there  was glitter spread across the floor in a pitch black room, no one would  be able to see the glitter. But if you were to place a small light next  to the floor, the glitter near the light would shine and sparkle,  reflecting light on their own. Marek and Darlene have this very effect  on people, however, they never take ownership of being this light, they  would say “the glitter shined on it’s own, it just needed to be shown  how”.  I was once a student at a troubled teens boarding school five  years ago, my life was nothing to be proud of, I went to high school  with no idea who I was, I played an unhealthy amount of world of  warcraft, all my friends sold drugs to whoever would buy them, and my  relationship with my family was nonexistent. I was constantly attempting  to find out who I was, but did not know how, being an easily influenced  person, Marek and Darlene could have easily told me who I was, but  instead they taught me to find out for myself. To test my limits and  push myself beyond what I believed possible. I am now a confident young  man, who is enlisted in the army as a combat medic, who has faced many  trials but trudged through with the core teachings that Marek and  Darlene have instilled within me."

Andy H.

“I  can only give my highest recommendation to Marek & Darlene.  As educators, encouragers, and truth-tellers, they are able  to blend their very diverse training and coaching skills to meet the  needs of those organizations that are perched to take the next steps in  development.”  

Colleen McGauley – Executive Director, CASA of Kern County, CA

I worked with Marek at Union Oil many years ago and it is because of his encouragement and enlightenment that I went back to college to obtain my bachelor's degree. Even then, he was developing his career coaching skills (and he didn't even know it). Last year, I brought him in to provide Leadership Training for our Area Coaches. Our Area Coaches are responsible for leading the managers that run our restaurants. The Area Coach role is vital to our operation and I asked Marek to provide them with the tools and the skills needed to make them successful. He did such a great job that this year the Area Coaches wanted him back, to have him take them to the next level of Leadership Training. He introduced them to "Situational Leadership" and they really learned from their day with him. It was a great way for us to kick off our Goals for the year and the training provided them with the tools to move forward. Since Marek is so good at working with people, we also asked him to facilitate a focus group of managers last year to help us understand how we can help them deal with the changes in our company. Additionally, Marek has been a guest speaker for me at Whittier College for my HR Mgmt Class. The students loved him and rated him "The Best"! I would recommend Marek as a Leadership/Career Consultant for any company. He is worth every penny that you spend for his talent!

Alma Perez - Regional Human Resources Manager at Spencer Gifts

Marek is far beyond being an ordinary coach and leader in his industry. The exceptional training and personal coaching enabled me to far exceed anything in my life that I had ever thought was possible. 

Kathleen Beck - Co Founder at Encompass Global Care


I've had the pleasure of working with Marek on several projects related to Emotional Intelligence and I highly recommend his expertise and facilitation!

Cristie Felix - Director of Sales - Domestic -The Center for Leadership Studies and Performance Impact, Inc.

Marek is very passionate about EQ training and always draw on his own life experience to enlighten his students. His teaching is full of humor while providing eye-popping live examples. His students like his way of training and the only complaint is that they can only meet once a week for summer. I truly believe his training will not only benefit your career but also have a long-lasting impact on your personal life.  Good Job, Marek and please go for it, as always! 

Jing Sun - Assiatant Manager at EPSON