Marek B. Helstrom


First, I have to tell you, these are two things that move me at a deeply personal level, coaching and training.

Over 15 years ago I transitioned from a position as a geoscientist, and managing and consulting professional.  At a deep level there was something missing, I didn't feel that I was utilizing my full potential in the best way possible.  Oil and gas exploration and development was an interest and a career, but not a PASSION, and not my PURPOSE!    

I left to fully develop and hone my skills in helping others' drop limiting beliefs, see new perspectives, take new actions, and grow in areas beyond what they thought possible.   

In this process, I grew to where my interests and passions converged, toward my purpose - a powerful place to live!

We have all been subject to programming, science says especially during the first 6 years of our lives.  This programming comes in many forms, and often without intent,  leaves us with limiting beliefs that get reinforced as we grow up.  

Those limiting beliefs show up and effect us in our relationships, our careers, our mindset, and  our health.  My work helps free you so you can be the best you in your relationships and career with wellness, emotional fitness, and happiness well integrated into your being.

So, I would say that my efforts are in helping free people to take positive and meaningful action toward the possibilities that move their hearts and get them excited about their ambitions, dreams and contributions.

I welcome coaching conversations, training opportunities, and speaking engagements - ALL with the intent to instigate, motivate, and influence positive growth!

Marek & Darlene Ann Helstrom


We have been married for almost 19 years  and have been coaching together for 15 years. 

Outside of the values that we ascribe to, we have learned that there are few absolutes in life - between fear and fearlessness we create our lives.   We have also learned that we need to shed a lot of the programming that has only served to limit our potential as contributors to our world.

Between us we have five awesome 'kids'  all with their own story's and roads to travel and four grandchildren.   While there have been bumps and bruises, we delight to know that in their hearts has been planted the ability to self-reflect, regroup, and move forward, or as we say,  "Recover Well." 

Life will serve up it's challenges, no doubt about it!  It remains no secret, those who get on with things always get up one more time than they get knocked down!

We would love to help you explore and delight in what is possible for you - there is so much in store if you are willing to travel.

Darlene Ann


 I became a mother at the very young age of 15.  By the time I graduated high school, I had two children.  By the age of 26, I had three children and found that 60 year olds were coming to me for advice (I'm told I'm an old soul).  By the age of 32 I had been divorced twice and married three times (I'm keeping this one!) .  

At the age of 35, after navigating many situations in our marriage,  I grabbed my husband and said, "We need to start a company focused on helping others'!"  Initially my thought was that I would help promote him and the company from a support role.  However, things began to quickly change for me.  All of a sudden I was being asked to  speak at various functions (Mary Kay functions, women's organizations, and conferences).  

The next thing I knew I was  attending trainings and workshops, obtaining certifications and increasing my knowledge in Understanding Human Behavior, Emotional Intelligence and Human Development.  As Purpose Centered grew I began co-facilitating our training workshops.  Again, this was not my initial vision, and was beyond my initial dreams, back when we first registered our company/business at City Hall!  

I soon found that I had untapped potential in speaking to teams and groups.  Additionally, I found that I had a strong ability to connect with others in a meaningful and helpful manner.  Public speaking and coaching have become a core part of my being and professional offering.

I have had the opportunity to successfully coach actresses, directors, producers,  firemen, professional chefs, lawyers, divorcees, real estate agents, teachers, singers, stay at home Moms, and entrepreneurs.

We have one Life, but we have many lives within that one Life.  I myself have lived many.

My heart is to help you begin a new life by helping you do the things that you don't want to do in order to help you get to your purpose and destiny!


We engage our speaking audiences as a couple or individually, depending upon our clients needs.  

Working together as a husband and wife, we have extensive experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial realms, with a strong understanding of the challenges found in either environment.

We provide a fresh perspective of the challenges and the solutions that most people have never had in their work place environment. 

Working in environments where we were "encouraged" to attend various seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements, we were determined to be different, to bring a quality of real issues and solutions to our audience. We share and inspire not only from a work environment, but a home environment as well.   We engage our audience by highlighting and connecting on what is important to them. 

We have found that when we speak and connect with the Mom, the Dad, the Sister, the Brother, the Daughter, and/or the Son, then the points of growth and development seem to find a strong "catch-point", and flow much more effectively to the "business" person, and the corresponding business relationships.

Please contact us to discuss your interests in us as potential speaker(s) for your venue;  and, most importantly be ready to outline what you are wanting to happen as a result for your investment.