Increase Your Capacity - Change Your Life



Your life is limited by your beliefs as to what is achievable, your capacity.  If you're looking to 'upgrade' your circumstances, achieve new results, create powerful relationships, and experience new found joy -  you will have to do things differently, increase your capacity.  You will need new questions, powerful questions that will ignite a fire for the growth you're looking to achieve.


"You don't have to have it all together to 

  begin - but you do have to begin in 

  order to get it together." 

~ Marek and Darlene ~

One on one Coaching


Please visit our 'coaching' page and view the various coaching options that we offer.  Our coaching is transformational and is built on trust and a strong relational approach. 

We will serve you in the most effective manner and help you achieve the results you desire.

We help you create powerful  relationships, reduce anxiety and effectively deal with stress, increase happiness, find joy, pursue a purposeful career,  build self-confidence, and navigate the emotional aspects of divorce and post-divorce transition.

V12 Living - Workshops


When you visit our 'Workshop' page you will notice all the options that allow you to participate and gain valuable insight and understanding while also forging strategies for success!

V12 Living is our signature program.  It allows you to take inventory and strategize for excellent results in all 12 'Life Areas'.

We also have workshops in Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Human Behavioral Understanding and Effectiveness.

Lastly, we work with families that are facing troubled situations that demand immediate attention.

MasterMind Dialogues


MasterMind dialogues are a powerful way to gain access to important information regarding business or personal challenges that you are facing.  They also allow you to contribute the valuable knowledge and experience that you possess.

We are currently looking to form a MasterMind group that is looking to incorporate Emotional Intelligence into their business and family leadership efforts.  

As the MasterMind group is limited to eight individuals, please let us know quickly of your intent to be a part of this offering.

Helping Men Become Better Men


I am a man dedicated to helping men succeed in all areas of their lives by coaching from a place of compassion, inquiry, and honesty, Experience has shown me that while successful in some areas of life, most men struggle in other key areas of life.  Is it time to get your life firing on all cylinders?  If so, let's have a conversation.  Here we can gain clarity on your objectives, and  I can give you an idea on how I coach.

Helping Women Become Better Women


As women we tend to give so much of ourselves to others, often losing our own identity in the process.  Perhaps heart break surfaces  as we reflect and let past decisions disrupt our present.    We can feel empty and lonely, so busy filling the voids with people, places and things, when all we need to do is come to the end of ourselves to begin.

Are you ready to find you?