Emotional Intelligence Training


Organizational & Team Development

 We help build a culture that is rooted in emotionally intelligent behavior. As your people enhance their emotional intelligence competencies, team trust levels rise, as organizational trust grows, interpersonal relationships and communication improves, leading to powerful collaborations and creativity. 

Your organization depends upon your people, your people drive results, and emotions drive people! An investment in emotional intelligence training and coaching is a wise investment.


Family and Personal Development

Emotional intelligence (EQ) skill building is not typically something that we are accustomed to pursuing.  However, it is the KEY discipline in creating empathic, honest and resilient relationships.  We work with individuals, spouses, and families to build a solid framework in the EQ competency areas of Know Yourself, Choose Yourself, and  Give Yourself.  All of our training is accomplished through assessment and assessment debrief, competency training, and developmental coaching dialogues.  For those who are looking to enhance and take their marriages to a powerful new level of compassion, understanding, and commitment, this is for you!


Small Group Training and Coaching

We also work with small groups (up to 10 people) in a "team" train and coach type forum.  This is good for small teams, families, friends, and your children who have friends and the parents would like them exposed to EQ training and Coaching.